About the Designed Handbags Store

We showcase a wide variety of wallets, purses, handbags, and fashion accessories that we hope will meet your online buying standards when buying a designer handbag online.
Designed Handbags is a very simple shopping site that was custom designed with some well known website designers.
Our handbags are at affordable prices and some items ship for free.
We use the term Designed because designer handbags are designed from well know fashion designers.  They know the trends and styles that are the most coveted.  These products are of high quality and excellent craftsmanship.
There is NO limit to the number of products you may order.
We are adding new items daily.  Bookmark our site and come back regularly.
Through well-built partnerships, bulk purchases, and special promotions, we have teamed up with some of the top retailers that have some top of the line brand name products to give you the best selection available.